Download your copy of the Encouragement App

for the discouraged or an encourager – this app’s for you!

Built for any device: Apple iphones and ipads, Android phones or tablets, and HTML5 for Blackberry, Windows and all other devices.

Use your phone and QR Code scanner to download the app for your device.  If you do not have a QR Code scanner, simply navigate to this page using your mobile device browser and tap on the correct code.  The application will download and you can finish the installation.

encourager app for Android

For Android devices

encourager app for apple devices

For Apple devices

hand with encouraging messages phone app
encourager app HTML5

HTML5 for ALL devices

Why use the Encouragement APP?

encouraging messages app for blackberry
A safe place to get encouragement and inspiration.

Easily Connects Encouragers and the Discouraged.

Easily find people needing encouragement

Need encouragement?  Easily find encouragers.

One click suicide prevention hotline.

Embedded KJV Bible with audio bible.

Social integration to share encouraging content.

Join a private community of encouragers.

Share the Encouraging App with others.

A simple application that makes it possible to become an awesome encourager. This application focuses on delivering a feed of people who have posted online that they need encouragement. With billions of people a day encountering some sort of challenge we wanted to make responding as easy as possible.

Feeling inspired to encourage others? You are AWESOME, thank you. Now take just a moment and share the messages to the right. There are so many discouraged people who need just a kind word from caring people like yourself. Let others be inspired to help as well.

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