• Mother's Love

Mother’s Love

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A Mother’s Love

I chose the ” A Mothers Love ” poem with this picture, because I love flowers, gardening and empty benches.

It reminds me that beautiful flowers, have to come from a lot of hard work pruning and re-pruning and new growth and pruning and new growth etc.

The Bible, in the book of John, it also talks about Spiritual as being part of our journey.

Mothers love shows us how Mother’s can fill those days of bumps and bruises. She is the only one who can fill our hearts. No one else will do!!!

The journey is necessary and sometimes painful. Nothing like it anywhere on this earth. But our Heavenly Father promises new hearts as we transition to His Heaven.


Sometimes we call her mother
Sometimes we just say Mom.
She’s the one we go to
For band-aids and soothing balm.

It really doesn’t matter
If we’re childish or mature —
A mother’s love can always
Make us comforted and secure.
A mother’s love can always
Make us comforted and secure.

God surely knew our need
Right from the very start
And so He gave to each of us
Sweet love from a mother’s heart!

copyright @ 1990, Naomi ~D. Tolleson Orr “Music in My Life’

  • Date April 13, 2016
  • Tags Naomi

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