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The Storm Calmer

The Storm Calmer was written during a very dark time in My Mom, Naomi’s life. They were faced with uncertainty from My Dad, her husband’s health and his troubles brewing at his work (which happened to be at a church). The future had no clarity as if they were in a fog, trying to figure out which way to go. In the midst of some very large decisions that would affect them both, this poem was written.

Her husband, my father, did lose his job and ultimately a church decided over it. As well as his health situation did not improve and she took care of him until he died, at the age of 61 (following 5 years in nursing home). Huntington’s a Hereditary Neurological Disease was not a know thing at this time. We would later learn more as the years passed. It was not something, the family would welcome in gracefully, as it affected us all.

So in the meantime, this poem was written and reflects the storm that was brewing is only sustained by the Grace of God himself. Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus Christ as He is the only one who Can!.

Encouraging Messages ~ Poem ~ Storm Calmer

It really doesn’t matter
When your life seems rough and stormy
And your thought turn to alarm,
Then you need to look to Jesus,

He’s the Calmer of every storm.
Just remember Jesus loves you
And He died to set you free;
He not only gives eternal life,
But life abundantly.


Keep your eyesight fixed on Jesus,
Never look another way –
He’s your hope for each tomorrow;
He gives comfort every day.

Keep your eyesight fixed on Jesus;
Don’t give in to fear and alarm.
He’s the Prince of Peace, the Prince of Peace,
The calmer of every storm.

copyright @ 1990, Naomi ~D. Tolleson Orr “Music in My Life’

  • Date April 13, 2016
  • Tags Naomi

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